Thursday, October 3, 2013

Development in the Office

My office is coming along, slowly but surely! I finally concocted a kind of desk that more closely fulfills my needs.
Excuse the elderly black lab in the picture. She's old and just gets to lay wherever/whenever she wants!
After ruminating for a while, I knew what I wanted was a long, sturdy surface and lots of storage. What I came up with was a full size door atop two, inexpensive bookcases!

I hit up my local Habitat for Humanity Restore and purchased a super cheap, $5 hollow core pine interior door. I didn't mind the inferior construction because I wanted it to be somewhat easy to transport.

I then bought two, $18 laminate bookcases from Walmart (ok, I'm not trying to win any beauty awards here with this make shift desk). I dropped by the Dollar Tree for a few, $1 bins and voilĂ ! I've got all the storage I need and a nice, roomy work area for larger paintings. I simply secured the door to the bookcases with hot glue. (I want to be able to easily break down this set up if needed).

I cannot tell how wonderful it's been to have plenty of space to spread out my canvases and paints! I don't think anyone's been so excited about an old, thrown out door and two cheap-o bookcases.
If you've been hankering for a new craft/art area, but can't afford Pottery Barn's $1199 version:
Bedford Project Table, includes two 3 x 3 Bookcases & one Tabletop, Antique White
this may be a quick, frugal and viable option for you.
Peace be with you....


  1. you are so never cease to amaze me...papa

  2. Love it!!! Am inspired by you always!

  3. Thank you, guys! I know it 's not the fanciest solution, but it gets the job done :)

  4. very creative Hill.