Thursday, May 15, 2014

Planting Seeds...

Back in March, the kids and I began planting seeds indoors in preparation for the new growing season! It's so exciting to plan the garden and start what will result in lots of delicious veggies during the hot summer to come.
 There's nothing like getting your hands dirty--and no better anti-depressant than sunshine and helping things grow!

Sadly, our beloved black Labrador retriever passed away last fall. It was heartbreaking and I still miss her very much. We decided to add a new member to our family not long ago, though, in the form of a beautiful blue Doberman puppy. Meet Lucy--

Of course, it is now May and flowers are popping up everywhere around our place! Get a load of the snowball bush next to our front porch.

There is some beautiful purple clematis growing on a pyramidal trellis right beside it. I'll get some new photos of the developing garden, too, soon!
I also want to direct you to the wonderful folks over at DiaNoche Designs. They have been carrying products featuring my artwork for about a year now. The results are fabulous! They offer a huge array of artistic home d├ęcor including shower curtains, pillows, illuminated wall art and much more.
Primavera Shower Curtain
Ease on the Reef Duvet Cover
Peace be with you!

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  1. I just got my new shower curtain in the mail and it looks great! And best of all, you can order through Amazon using your Amazon account.