Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time for a Change

I'll start this post out with a few, fun photos from our fishing trip this last Sunday.

Our oldest has been dying for us to take him for the last couple of weeks and we finally got around to it. Not a bite was had, but it was worth it. We used my grandmother's old rods and reels. The sound of crickets and plip-plopping water sent me back to days long gone when I'd sit with incredible anticipation, scratching periodically at the bug bites on my legs.

There's just something about standing still, in eager silence, edging ever so close the bank's rim. Families are bonded in times like these. Children learn lessons of excited restraint and a joint endeavor.

In other news, I've decided to re-vamp my home studio/guest room. I have a lovely desk, but I find myself painting larger pieces on the floor. My paints are no where near organized and it would be great if I could accommodate my sewing machine as well.

My charming, but not adequate vintage cherry desk
My poor paintings shoved in the corner

My husband is well known for his sighs of frustration at the sight of my canvases, brushes, fabric and needles spread out on the kitchen table in haphazard fashion. It would be awesome to have something like this one day....

Art Studio Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 3

Ahhhhh....plenty of space to walk around a big painting spread out on a massive table! In the meantime, I'll shoot for something a little more within my reach. I'll keep you updated!

Peace to you...


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