Monday, September 2, 2013

Surprises and Tractors

I usually go to collect the eggs from our Ladies in the afternoon following my oldest son's arrival home on the bus. So, I saunter down to the coop, so calmly, and haphazardly lift the nest access door to find this:
      dun, dun, DUN!!!

Holy crap!?! I let that hinge slam shut like a gunshot. I'm sure I sounded like the biggest baby around when I let out a scream you could probably hear for a mile. The chickens were just fine but our little, dark friend had eaten all the eggs.
Or, perhaps I shouldn't call that snake "little"
I waited till my husband arrived home and did the deed of disposing of our slithery problem together. It was over 6ft long!!
In less creepy news, we gathered the last of our late raspberries and I'll be tilling up the garden this week in preparation for our little seedlings.

 I also got to work on some pillowcase dresses that I periodically make to donate. As you can see, Lydia loves to be my little model. I usually like to produce a few in varying sizes to make the most of the postage cost. If you have any sewing abilities (even the slightest) I really suggest whipping up some simple, little frocks for They're such a wonderful organization that helps to clothe little bodies in various countries throughout the world.

This weekend we also took a trip to the local farm days festival in our area. Our first time was last year and the kids loved it (Daddy and Mama didn't mind it, either). We had a great experience watching old farm implements and their uses. I firmly believe that modern, Western society as a whole is too far removed from its food sources and production. This festival is a great opportunity to see how raw materials are processed and get our kids thinking about what they eat.

Watching an old school, steam powered corn mill grind grits.
Peace be with you!! 


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