Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Simple Things

Each morning, I wake, groggy and stiff...and, I must admit, kind of cranky. I confess that I've never been a naturally early riser. Thankfully, I have a very handsome alarm clock and three precious creatures for which to prepare sustenance.

After CiarĂ¡n gets off on the bus with a kiss and wishes for "stupendous" day, I head down to the chicken run to feed the Ladies and scoop their pungent poop. This is no glamourous task, I grant you, but there's something in this simple duty that shakes me from my self-center and daily awakens my sense of wonder in my Lord's creation.

Yesterday was my bi-monthly day to make laundry detergent. Many in my family think I'm nuts to add this chore to my already long list, but I find it keeps cost down (believe me, when you do as many loads as I do with three little kids, keeping laundry costs down is important!) and the grating of bars is kinda therapeutic.

This weekend we also acquired a new pet; let me introduce to you Gunther--the princess turtle (so dubbed by the kids). Poor Gunther materialized behind our pool and all three of my little ones decided we should keep him. We'll be getting this guy a bigger home than this makeshift tank very soon.

The twins and I also started some seeds last week as one of our science lessons. They're sprouting nicely and will be ready to go in the ground in no time. This fall/winter we'll have turnip greens, mustards, bok choy, cabbage and kale galore.....I hope!

I've also begun a couple of large, new paintings to add to the shop. The blue will eventually have clusters of lovely yellow and white blooms, while the green will probably feature some bright cabbage roses and a butterfly. I haven't quite decided though.....
We'll be off to the city today to pick up some more canvases for a custom order I recently received. I love getting fresh commissions!
Peace be with you....


  1. Looking forward to seeing what inspiration fall brings you!!!!

    1. Thanks, Christine! Can't wait for some nippy weather and cozy sweaters :)